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Our titanium dioxide-free capsules

TIO2 free white semitrans | GoCaps

White Semi-Trans. (HPMC + Gelatin)
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

TIO2 free capsule swedish orange | GoCaps

Swed. Orange (HPMC + Gelatin)
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

TIO2 free capsule green semitrans | GoCaps

Green Semi-Trans. (HPMC + Gelatin)
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

TIO2 free yellow empty hard capsule | GoCaps

Orange (HPMC)
Sizes: 0

TIO2 free brown hard capsule | GoCaps

Brown (HPMC)
Sizes: 2

TIO2 free black yellow hard capsule | GoCaps

Black-Orange (HPMC)
Sizes: 0

TIO2 free orange green hard capsule | GoCaps

Orange-Green (HPMC)
Sizes: 0

Black Capsule | Gocaps

Black (HPMC)
Sizes: 0 & 00

TIO2free blue natural | GoCaps

Blue Natural (HPMC)
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

TIO2free yellow natural | GoCaps

Yellow Natural (HPMC)
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

TIO2 free purple natural | GoCaps

Purple Natural (HPMC)
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00 

The ban on titanium dioxide in the EU will come into force on 7th February, 2022

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Neither the Council nor the European Parliament raised an objection until the end of last year. Which is why the text will come into force shortly. A transitional period applies until 7th August, 2022. During the six-month transitional period until 7th August, 2022, foodstuffs using titanium dioxide may continue to be manufactured and placed on the market and then sold until the end of the best-before or use-by date. For the time being, the ban only applies to food, while titanium dioxide can be used in medicines for at least another three years.

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