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  The fascinating world of empty hard capsules

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Indulge in the fascinating world of empty hard capsules

Natural Color Caps

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Unique features of an empty hard capsule.

There are a lot of different characteristics of empty hard capsules. When choosing the perfect hard capsule for your ingredients, you have a variety of options: the composition of the capsule shell (gelatin, vegetarian or vegan capsule), an almost infinite choice of colors and the entire range of sizes. In order to meet the needs and beliefs of consumers, we follow trends and rely on natural ingredients. Discover our Natural Color Caps – the perfect cover for natural ingredients!

Numerous certifications guarantee the highest quality and safety of our empty hard capsules. This is the prerequisite for an excellent encapsulation process for your ingredients.

Unique in the industry is our FairTSA™ award, which ensures fair working conditions in the production of our empty hard capsules. Choose consciously and discover the advantages of a diverse world of empty hard capsules that perfectly complements your needs and values.

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